Bringing content to your life that you didn’t even know you needed until TODAY!

Midsingles Today addresses the issues that matter most to most Midsingles.  Think of this as YOUR hub, your site…BY Midsingles FOR Midsingles!!!  YOU have a voice, and we merely want to help you be heard.  

Our VISION is to be a platform for us ALL to rise together!

There are awesome and AMAZING singles in our community doing things within their capacity to “lift where they stand”!!  The ULTIMATE way to lift though is as ONE voice and one platform, combining our efforts large and small.

Think of MidSingles Today as the “mall” you go to in order to shop at all your favorite stores.  I may stop by MidSingles Today to check out a great article I read and then discover there is a Fireside next week in my area, and while at the Fireside I may just connect to other singles that understand me, that get me.  I can then STAY connected to a network of like minded people doing their best to be their best.  And that my friends is how singles today will thrive without depending on the church because frankly, its not the church’s mission to help you connect to other singles, but it is OURS!!

Our MISSION is to gather and solidify a Network of like minded singles.

We hope to reach those Midsingles that don’t even know that a community exits yet. Part of the struggle many Midsingles feel is loneliness, we want to show you and the world, that you are not alone and there are ways to connect to other Midsingles. When “Joe” in Ohio suddenly finds himself divorced and newly single we want him to be able to FIND US. When “Sammy” in Rexburg ages out of YSA we want her to have a network to join. As it stands, until you connect to the right people via online dating or Facebook, it could appear there is no network but if like on Horton Hears a Who, we all raise our voices together, Joe and Sammy will eventually hear us proclaiming “WE ARE HERE!”.

Our VISION BOARD has lofty goals 

Just like any vision board the exact details will change and grow as we do, but we are still going to aim for BIG things believing even bigger things are coming.

1. Divorce Support Groups-  Not therapy but support groups to connect with people who have walked in your shoes and help you through this experience. Create a safety net at a time you need it most.

2. Some version of small group large conferences-  conferences focused on small group connections with BIG spiritual lifts and personal development.

3. We are the Rescue- initiatives to connect, inform and organize singles representatives and leaders around the church.  Provide resources in one spot for everyone already passionate and serving; share ideas and what’s working.

Midsingles are leaving the church at alarming rates and we want to help fellowship them!


MidSingles Today is the voice for singles in their late 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s.

Although we are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,” we do fully support the church, its teachings, and its leaders therefore we will only post content that is in harmony with the doctrines of the Church.

Content that is designed to create “wedges,” to “shame,” or to otherwise create “controversy” will not be included.  There are plenty of other channels for such opinions to be shared and discussed. That being said, some of the topics that matter most to some Midsingles may be touchy and we aim to address those in the most edifying and harmonious ways while still allowing authors to be their authentic selves to our readers.

We invite you to actively participate in by commenting and sharing your thoughts, ideas, and testimony so that it too might be a blessing to other MidSingles around you.

We need your help!

We are looking to share quality thoughts, ideas, messages, and uplifting articles that are beneficial to those within the MidSingle’s community.

If you have a story to tell … we’d love to publish it on

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