You Are More Than This; You Are Needed

right now

Be the person you need in your life.

Love big and judge little.

It’s so easy to reduce each other down to one descriptive word or phrase.

People call me a “social butterfly” and, annoyingly, a “flirt.” Am I a social butterfly? I won’t even try to deny that one. I am most happy in the company of others, particularly those I have come to love. I love that tether between us, that starts off thin and grows stronger and sturdier with time and attention.

But I also love meeting new people. I love interesting people, wise people, kind people. I love hearing about what makes them tick, I love intellectual discussions and I love knowing what’s happening in their lives and hearing about their struggles and joys. But not just generic “people.” Faces, intelligences, souls: how to describe how so many people, individually, can make an important mark on our own souls in a way that only they can, like a fingerprint.

“Social butterfly.” It feels minimized. It doesn’t get to the heart of the beautiful connections and true relationships. “Flirt.” Where do I even start. Do I flirt? Sure. Sometimes. But the idea that every time I speak to a guy I’m flirting is ludicrous and minimizes the deep relationships and genuine love.

Last night I broke down. All the stresses, all the cares, the worries, the lack of sleep, the obligations running over each other, the trying so hard and often coming up short. And often not. But it’s hard to remember the successes in the moments that the failures press down on us. It’s hard to feel like you’re battling so many fronts, and sometimes – you just feel weary. You just want a break, just a little one. One light beaming through the dark clouds. One significant success.



me and kidsAbout the AuthorCaroline Kingsley is an award-winning freelance print journalist, author and producer. Her articles appear regularly in the Utah Stories magazine and the Salt Lake Times. Last year, she self-published a short story set in historical Texas. She is currently working with a non-profit organization to write a book and produce a documentary about their work with HIV children in India. She is working on another documentary, and a biography, on her late father, a television producer.  She is also currently involved in producing a short documentary about the Syrian refugee crisis. Finally, she co-hosts a podcast about LDS single living, called The Mormon Meet Locker. She lives in Heber with her three children and cat: the beginning of an illustrious old maid feline collection.



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