Be Willing to Walk Away

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The dating arena is like a car dealership: you have to be able to walk away if you aren’t getting the deal you’re looking for.

Easy enough, right?


Yes, it/he/she seems glossy and new, with perfect angles or curves, smells amazing, and you’re already dreaming of the adventures you two will take.

Sure, it/he/she doesn’t have all the features you’re looking for. But you can’t have it all, right? You’ve already been told that you’re too picky, that you’ll never find the right one at this rate, that you’ll be destined to walk the earth alone if you don’t settle for something, for heaven’s sake. For. Heaven’s. Sake.



me and kidsAbout the AuthorCaroline Kingsley is an award-winning freelance print journalist, author and producer. Her articles appear regularly in the Utah Stories magazine and the Salt Lake Times. Last year, she self-published a short story set in historical Texas. She is currently working with a non-profit organization to write a book and produce a documentary about their work with HIV children in India. She is working on another documentary, and a biography, on her late father, a television producer.  She is also currently involved in producing a documentary short about local artist John Zamudio. Finally, she is in the process of developing a podcast about LDS single living, called The Mormon Meet Locker. She lives in Heber with her three children and cat: the beginning of an illustrious old maid feline collection.



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