5 General Conference Lessons From an LDS Single

Hearing from our beloved leaders during General Conference serves to anchor us singles in a daily whirlwind of stresses, and inspires us to continually do better and be better. What can we, as LDS singles in particular, gain from the recent talks? I have some thoughts on this, though they are not by any means exhaustive or limited to all there is to gain in our particular situations. But they are a start to the ongoing discussion on what it means to be single in an LDS world.

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1. As single Latter-day Saints, we find ourselves in unique, and in many ways, unprecedented situations. We belong to a church in which eternal marriage is not only deeply rooted in our faith but essential for our eternal happiness and well-being. It is the very center of our existence. And yet, we find ourselves single, whether through divorce or having never been married. Where does that leave us? Many question our faith, or our own sanctity within our faith. Many face feelings of alienation and stigma. But God sees our true value, one that isn’t based on marriage status, or any status for that matter. We should strive to do the same, for ourselves, for each other. He also has a plan for us we cannot possibly comprehend with our limited vision and understanding. Imagine a faint pinprick in the dark sky, representing our own tiny comprehension and knowledge, amidst the whole universe of God’s limitless understanding. Be patient, star by star the universe will be revealed. In the meantime, be glad your life in God’s capable hands and seek simply to follow his gentle guide.




me and kidsAbout the AuthorCaroline Kingsley is an award-winning freelance print journalist, author and producer. Her articles appear regularly in the Utah Stories magazine and the Salt Lake Times. Last year, she self-published a short story set in historical Texas. She is currently working with a non-profit organization to write a book and produce a documentary about their work with HIV children in India. She is working on another documentary, and a biography, on her late father, a television producer.  She is also currently involved in producing a documentary short about local artist John Zamudio. Finally, she is in the process of developing a podcast about LDS single living, called The Mormon Meet Locker. She lives in Heber with her three children and cat: the beginning of an illustrious old maid feline collection.

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