Top 10 Reasons to go on a First Date for Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it whether you’re #InLove#ItsComplicated or #VerySingle, V-day more oft times than not tends to disappoint the masses. Why??? Expectations.

What would have been a fabulous night otherwise….

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is unavoidably tainted by EXPECTATIONS.

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For the lucky ones, they may only get a handful of Valentines day’s that exceed expectations in their lifetime….

Even then if #ItsComplicated you may really NOT like that your low expectations were just exceeded because now YOU’RE the let down or feel obligated to react a certain way in which frankly you may not reciprocate.


For those celebrating #SinglesAwarenessDay and declare with pride that you don’t have a date on Valentines, just remember you’re not the only one, so find someone to celebrate with

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Because while you may publicly declare your appreciation for being absent of all THOSE obligations and expectations, you know at least once that day you’ll still feel like a sour puss.


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Top 10 Reasons You Should Go On A First Date For Valentine’s Day



#10- “Forever Alone Day” is old news.

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With today’s dating culture of A lists, B lists, DTRs and #KeepingItCasual even if you ARE dating someone or someoneS you’re bound to still be alone on Vday because some how we have put so much expectation on Feb 14th that not even it likes itself anymore.

#9- First dates are weird already, so just roll with it.

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#8- Siri is not a corporeal form.

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#7- You get to have a first date!!! Duh!

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Plus, you know you’re not competing with “better” options. And if they did have “better” options before, they may now be rethinking those options and send them packing out the door…. True story.

Each weekend to find love should be utilized and not squandered, go make good use of your evening.  Who knows, it could lead to more.

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#6- Your current plans for Valentines Day are lame.

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You know you can’t escape the mayhem that is hearts and pink and red even if you try to bunker down at home alone you know it’ll infiltrate you’re TV and computer and phone, literally you would have to try to cut yourself off from the world to avoid it….

so just jump in already.

If you DO have a sweetheart to share Vday with then recreating a “First Date” could be so much sweeter than some stuffy over priced steak house.

Plus if you really out did yourself last year you may need a way to reset some expectations at this is it. 😉

Remember its all about removing expectations, so discuss this move BEFORE you take her out or this could totally backfire haha.

#5- You get to be cheap without looking cheap.

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 You can take your date to all the dives and joints that normally you may not take a first date because well, THOSE places will be swarming with hearts and love and crowds so make it an excuse to take advantage of the path less traveled and have FUN with it.

#4-  You can ask someone to be your “valentine” just for TODAY.


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Make someone’s day, even if they are only in your friend zone.  Because of the expectations on Vday there are people who it seems always spend Feb 14th alone, do a kind thing and take someone out.

Think of someone who’s going to light up because you asked. Maybe even someone you’d normally never ask out… and tell them that you simply want to make someone smile by taking them out with NO expectations, but just to have a good time, even if just as friends.

#2- A free pass to be chivalrous.

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A chance to bring chivalry back without coming off as being too interested or corny too soon.

Every girl likes flowers from the RIGHT guy, but on Feb 14th she suddenly LOVES flowers from ANY guy 😉

Take advantage and be like a night in shining armor for one day.

#1- Experience Feb 14th minus the expectations…… and THEN it can become just another day.



Plus One: Desperation day means she’s likely to say yes


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About the Author-  Sariah Simmons is Founder of MidSingles Today and the We Are the Rescue initiative.  She was a Captain in the United States Army when her divorce forced her to join the LDS dating scene for the very first time.  She then used her leadership and enthusiasm in retail management; juggling career, motherhood and singledom.  Today she focuses her enthusiasm and experiences to lift and connect members of the Midsingles demographic.   She is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy.  Sariah is a mom, a mormon and a midsingle.

Sariah also wrote the popular articles I Am Only 1% of Midsingles and What I Learned When I Came Back

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