If You Give a Mindi a Mercedes

mercedes 2

If you live in a town where the temple is being remodeled, and you still want to attend, you’re going to have to drive a distance to get there.

On your way home, you might have car trouble, you’ll have to leave said car with the mechanic. For the weekend.

Since it is the weekend, and your children’s sporting events do not cease just because you lost your means of transportation, you might consider renting a car for the weekend.

Your ex might catch wind of this and decide to be generous and offer his spanking new, leased, black, Mercedes SUV that is sitting in the paring lot of his apartment, unused and in need of being driven.

You’ll accept. Not because it is wise, but because it is convenient, and also a chance to drive a sweet car. Your pride will win the decision.

At the end of this weekend, when your own car is running properly, you’ll want to fill the borrowed vehicle with gas before it’s return.

While filling the borrowed vehicle with gas, you’ll notice the same gas station has a conveniently located car wash. You’ll want to be nice and wash the car for your ex, because your parents taught you to “always leave things in better shape than you found them”.

While taking the very sharp right turn needed, you’ll forget that this car has a much better turning radius than the one you drive, and in order to get to this “conveniently located” car wash, you’ll ignore all of the loud, flashing buzzers that come with nice cars just before something horrible happens. You might even tell the car to shut up, but mostly, you’ll ignore it. You’ll ignore it goooood.

You’ll get out of your car to see a most horrendous sight, involving yellow paint on black paint, a shiny, wayward side board pointing away from the vehicle it is attached to. Slightly attached, that is.

You’ll swear.

Then you’ll wonder why you couldn’t follow the more IMPORTANT advice of your parents, “never borrow something you can’t afford to replace”!!!!! You’ll wonder when you’ll be able to laugh over this.

The answer is, the next day. Once you realize it’s just a car, and everyone makes mistakes, and when we do, we can face them, we can fix them. We may have to get a professional involved. But with the right help, it can be as perfect as before. Maybe even better, because you know that pole is there now. You can avoid it. In fact you see it every time you fill your car with gas. It still wears the black from the paint you left behind, and it makes you smile. Because you fixed it. And now you’re better.

The End


About the Author– Mindi currently hails from the thriving metropolis of Pleasant View Utah. A self proclaimed silly cynic with a side of serious. She is not a runner, though has been known to be involved in a few relays and possibly one half marathon (worst/best decision ever). She is not an actress, however somehow made her way to a stage starting at the age of 6 where there might have been a lot of singing involved. She is not a sewer, but enjoys putting together fabric-like objects, such as purses, skirts and quilt tops. Most recently she has become a not-writer, who jots down ideas and shares them with others. 

Mindi IS a mother of four beautiful (and I’m not kiddin-gorgeous offspring!) children. One post-teen, two very-teen and one pre-teen. They remain the inspiration behind everything good in her happy little world. Mindi is a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a former (and hopefully future) wife, and friend. She hopes to be known best for those roles in this life. The most important things, which are not things. 

Also, she laughs a lot. A very lot.

Mindi also wrote the popular posts Hello, I Am the Friend Zone. Why Do You Hate Me? and My Side of Serious





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