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best date ever

A couple of weeks ago I joined a free dating site.  They bill it as the “Mormon Tinder”. I had one match, we friended each other on Facebook and were writing fairly regularly.  All of the sudden she stopped writing back so I thought she wasn’t interested in meeting.  A couple of days later she invited me to go see the lights with a group of singles.  The activity was on a Friday.  It started at 7:00 and went until 9:00.  Traffic was HORRIBLE because there was EVERYTHING going on downtown for the holidays.  I got there late at 7:10.  I messaged her on Facebook asking if she was there yet.  I didn’t hear anything.  So I waited in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, which is where the rest of the singles were waiting.  I didn’t talk to anyone while I was there since I was meeting her and didn’t want to mingle with the other girls. However I did notice another lady in the group who I thought was cute.  After an hour I left, not hearing from her and thinking she wasn’t going to show up.  At 8:30 she messaged me saying “Where are you and the group?  I just got here.”  I told her I left and apologized the next day for not waiting longer.  She was fine with that and said she should’ve shown up on time.


The next day I got back on the dating site and went back over my “Secret Admirers.”  I chose one of them as a match and told her to friend me on Facebook if she wanted.  She wrote me on Sunday saying she couldn’t friend me because my settings were set to “Only allow friends of friends”.  We have no common friends.  So I changed my settings, sent her a friend request and we started writing that day.  I had a really good spiritual feeling about writing to her for some reason so that gave me some comfort.  Her name is Stacy.


I took a look at some of the pictures that were being posted from the singles Christmas lights activity the previous Friday and saw that Stacy was the one I thought was cute while I waited in the lobby.  I wrote her saying so and she responded saying that she had noticed me as well.


If you remember, my co-worker Cindy (who has never been married) and I had this bet about bringing a date to the company holiday party.  If I didn’t bring someone, and vice versa, Cindy would put my profile up on a dating site of her choice and line me up with someone of her choosing.  Needless to say I had a huge incentive to find someone to go with me. J On Monday I asked Stacy if she wanted to go to my company holiday party, telling her if she did she would be asked questions such as “How long have you two been dating?” and “May I come to your wedding?”  She responded by saying “I would love to go.  I could even flash a ring and say ‘What?  Didn’t you tell them about us?'”  I said that would be perfect!  Two days later she went to a store to purchase a one carat CZ to show off.

Things were coming together better than expected.  Stacy also said she purchased a new dress for the occasion.


I told my other co-worker, Laura about the joke, since she is 7 months pregnant and gets SUPER excited about stuff like this.  I didn’t want to take a chance of her going into labor or something.


We continued to message each other a lot via Facebook.  She gave me her phone number but I never spoke to her until 4:45 Wednesday night when she called to say she was at the intersection off the freeway and would be at my work in a couple of minutes.


Right before she called I asked Cindy one more time (as I had always done each week prior) “What’s the name of your date coming tonight?”  She said “I’m not bringing anyone.  Why are you bringing someone?”  I got a smirk on my face and didn’t say anything.  She said “You S.O.B.” and walked off.  I laughed.  She knew she had lost the bet.


Stacy arrived earlier than I had expected so I met her in the parking lot.  She got out, we gave each other a hug and I let her into the gated garage where I park.  She waited there while I went back inside to change into my suit.  I came out again, opened the door for her, set the map app on my phone and away we drove.


We were having a fabulous time talking, getting to know each other and a little nervous about how this would all go down.  However as we kept driving we soon discovered we were lost.  We ended up on the East side in a secluded neighborhood.  We could see the restaurant through the trees but weren’t able to get there from where we were.  We drove around some more and ended up in a neighborhood that turned out to be just South of the restaurant but we didn’t know that yet.  She took out her phone to see if her map was any better and it wasn’t.  I got out of the car and knocked on three homes before I was able to get someone to answer.  A nice lady who answered at the third home told me how to get to the restaurant and off we went.


La Caille is set on about 10 acres with a pond, peacocks, swans and ducks wandering the grounds.  There were Christmas lights all over the place and it was really quite beautiful!


Valet parking was free that night.  We got out of the car, gave my key fob to the attendant and started walking towards the front doors.  I said, “You know……to make this more believable…”  She cut me off and said “We should hold hands!”  I said “Exactly!”  So we continued on our way towards the entrance, ring on, holding hands.


We get inside and request two non-alcoholic drink tickets.


The first person I see is my boss, Steve.  I introduce him to Stacy and tell him that we’re playing a joke on Cindy.  He laughs and says “Awesome!”


The inside of the restaurant was really beautiful.  It was decorated to the hilt in Christmas attire.  Music was playing over the speakers and it was quite a loud environment.  We find the table where Cindy, Taryn and Jeana are sitting.  Taryn’s and Jeana’s husbands are at the table as well.  I say, “Everyone, this is Stacy, my fiancee’.”  Everyone was like “WHAT?!?!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?  Why didn’t you tell us before?  Congratulations!”  Stacy told me later that she was super nervous and her voice was shaking, so she was glad that it was noisy at the party so people didn’t notice.  She said she calmed down later however and was able to really enjoy the night.


We put our stuff down at the table and walk over to the drink line.  While waiting to get drinks, Julie arrives and Cindy tells her that I’m engaged.  She’s upset.  After getting our drinks we are walking back towards the table. Cindy and Julie are waiting in line where I introduce Stacy to Julie as my fiancee’.  Julie looks at the rings, says “Uh huh, o.k.” with a disgusted look on her face, so we keep walking.  Jared, one of the Vice Chairman was two people behind Cindy and Julie and says “Run that by me again?”  I move in closer and tell him quietly this is Stacy.  We’re playing a joke on Cindy saying she’s my fiancee’.  I’ve never even met her until tonight.”  He laughs and says “Oh that’s fantastic!”


We get back to the table and I tell everyone else there that it’s all a joke we’re playing on Cindy.  They all said Julie was really upset at me for not telling her I was engaged.  She thought we were better friends than that.  Cindy and Julie show up at the table with Julie’s fiancee’ and the questions start to fly.  “How long have you been engaged?  Where did you meet?  Have you set a date?”  The funny part was that we didn’t come up with anything ahead of time so after each question we would look at each other and whoever talked first was the story we ran with.


We decided after finishing my cranberry and her cranberry/pineapple drinks to go to the photo booth and take some pics.


The first ones are using some of the props they provided, her wearing reindeer antlers and me a red and green elf hat.  The last two pictures are us doing a “ring” shot, her showing off the ring and both of us with huge smiles on our faces.


While we were gone doing the photo booth, my co-workers were busy planning an “emergency breakfast” for the next morning to discuss the choices I was making in my life and why they weren’t told ahead of time, or even knew I was dating anyone. J


Laura is a horrible liar and even worse actress, so when she and her husband show up and I introduce Stacy, she said “Oh Hi.”  It was so bad that Cindy said “Did you hear what he said?”  The way Laura DIDN’T react should’ve set off Cindy’s antenna but luckily it didn’t clue her in.  Usually Laura is super, overly excited about news like that so it was really out of character for her to act so nonchalantly about stuff like this.  I was nervous about that but we got lucky. J


We went and got in line for the food next.  It was all really good.  There was steak, salmon, glazed potatoes, various vegetables, salads, rolls and desserts.  After an hour went by I needed to tell them.  I not only couldn’t hold it in any longer but I also didn’t want the joke to go into the program part of the party.  I simply said “Everyone, we have an announcement to make.  We’re not engaged.  This is the first time we’ve ever met.”  They all burst out laughing!  Then Cindy said “I’m gonna kill you!”  It was soooo stinking funny!  Julie said, “Cindy, if you ever do this to me we are never going to be friends again!”  We all had a good laugh.  Cindy said the reason she believed me was because she didn’t think I would pull a joke like that on the whole company.  When I told her everyone knew except her and Julie she was even more impressed with our ability to pull it off.


Later that night, Jeana’s husband leaned over and asked if I played poker.  I said “No.”  He said “You should!”


Julie took our photo at the table, then another ring shot as well.

After this I told her she could take the ring off if she wanted.  She said “You’re already breaking up with me?”  She took it off and I put it in my pocket.  We started to hold hands again and then I asked her if it was o.k. that I was still holding her hand.  She said “Of course.  I would’ve pushed you away if it wasn’t” and smiled.


The entertainment started, which was the Dueling Piano Bar Guys.  They were really entertaining.  We all were singing to songs, clapping and having a great time.  The company gave away a bunch of prizes and then the boring speeches started.  I was impressed with how attentive Stacy was through all of it.  I told her so (since she was paying attention even more than all of the employees at our table) and she said she found it interesting what our company did and could tell that the partners really cared about the employees.  She used to be a property manager so it was somewhat familiar to her what part of our company does.


After the last speech we got up and left fairly quickly knowing there would be a line to have the valets get my car.  It was cold, so I gave Stacy my jacket while we waited.  Dean, another Vice Chairman who had a little too much to drink, came over to where we were standing and said, shaking Stacy’s hand “It was so great to meet you!  Congratulations!” and kisses her on the cheek.


My car arrived after about ten minutes.  I open the door for Stacy, walk around to the driver’s side and ask the valet for my key fob.  The valet says the ticket was marked “No key” even though I gave it to them.  They checked their pockets, had two flashlights looking all over the inside of the car and still nothing.  The car wouldn’t have started if the key wasn’t there so we knew it was in there somewhere.  After about 5 minutes I said “Stacy are you sitting on it?”  Sure enough she was.  It was funny.


On the way back to the parking garage we laughed a lot.  I thanked her for being such a good sport about it all and she said she had a great time.  When we arrived at my work I asked her if she wanted to go out again and she said “We should absolutely do this again” meaning another date, not another engagement prank. J  She leaned in to give me a big hug and away she went.  It was by far the best first date I’ve ever been a part of.



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