Listening To A Divorced Guy Talk About Marriage?


I received a message recently asking basically, who was I to give relationship advice and why someone should listen to a divorced guy talk about marriage???

Here’s my reply…

It’s a good question. One that I get asked a lot and that I have asked myself many times. I don’t pretend to be a relationship guru. I don’t pretend to have it all figured out. I never have. I simply share the perspective I have gained in my messy and sometimes painful journey. I only share the advice I would give to myself based on what I am learning, and the principles that I am trying to guide my life by the best I can. 

In the end, I know my advice isn’t for everyone. It’s not meant to be. But I know there are some out there, that need it, as much as I do.

Stepping into my purpose of saving marriages from divorce was never my idea. It was Gods. If it was up to me, I’d still be just consulting people on how to make more money in their business. But God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Sometimes using the least likely people as his hands to do his work, and sometimes redirecting our lives in ways that we least expect.

The mission I feel God has given me is to help save 1,000 marriages from divorce and empower thousands more.

So far, I have had 12 couples tell me that my words have saved their marriage from divorce. I have received thousands of other messages from people sharing how it has impacted their lives.

I recently had a couple who were separated and preparing for divorce get a copy of my book and come to my event. Now they are back together, healing from their past and committed to creating a new amazing relationship together moving forward. They are even going to get married again as a symbol of their renewing their vows to each other.

… and to me, it’s not just about them. It’s about their 4 kids and the future that they now have.

This is why I do what I do.

I take no credit for this. I know without question that it is God working through me to help them. I have realized that God doesn’t always choose the most qualified. And sometimes he doesn’t even choose the most willing, because I know I resisted it a lot. But whoever he chooses, he prepares a way for them to do what he needs them to do.

I know that each of us has a purpose… and I believe that purpose is constantly evolving. Often its our MESS that becomes our MESSAGE.

So for me, even though my marriage ended in divorce, and even though I haven’t been ready to get married again, I still believe in marriage, and if there is a way to help those I can who are suffering, I will. Who would I be to not try to help???

What are your thoughts? Can someone take marriage advice from a divorced guy? should I wait until I am married again before I share my thoughts?

… or should I just share what I can from where I am at, and leave the rest to God?


By – Gerald Rogers




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