It’s Possible For Us to “Outgrow” Certain Relationships

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It’s possible for us to “outgrow” certain relationships.

Where we connect with someone at one point in our life from where we were at, but then over time whether weeks, months or years, we grow to a space where that relationship doesn’t serve the same purpose for us anymore.

It’s like a foot outgrowing a shoe.

There’s nothing wrong with the foot, and nothing wrong with the shoe, they just no longer are a match for each other.

If it’s not a match, it’s not a match. No matter how much you might love them.

In metaphysical terms, we can only be around those things at a similar vibration and if our frequency and vibration change, than all those things at a lower or different level must be released from our life.

Breaking up, and even at times divorce is the path of greatest love and evolution for both.

I believe that we have spiritual contracts with those we attract into our lives and build relationships with.

Some of those contracts may be forever, while most are just for a season of our life where our spirits needed to grow together, and when the contract is complete, the relationship needs to evolve to free us to have space in our life for our next partners in growth that are awaiting the chance to fulfill their contracts with us.

Sometimes it hurts more to cling onto something that should no longer be than to just let it go.
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Note: I hesitate to share this because I think that many might confuse this and use it as a cop-out to get out of a marriage that is hard. This isn’t a reason to abandon your commitment to your family or spouse. You shouldn’t run from a relationship just because it triggers you, scares you, or bores you…

Those are all just signals for work that YOU need to do to grow, and the relationship is the perfect catalyst to help you.

Relationships are meant to be hard, to push our buttons, draw out our fears and cause us to grow. Relationships must evolve beyond the “honeymoon phase” to do so.

With a marriage or family relationship our contract and commitment involves doing everything we can to grow TOGETHER as a team. And not to just run when it gets painful.

I think the vast majority of marriages can be saved from divorce with the right coaching, the right skills and a commitment by both to work on it…

And then there are some, that even after the work, are still not a match, and then even the transition of divorce can be done from a space of love rather than fear.

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