On my walk tonight I saw a set of footprints in a parking lot of snow. They appeared to be at least three times the size of a human foot, though clearly originally made by a person. Much as I loved stories of Bigfoot as I grew up, I know better than to think these prints were his.

When we walk in snow, the heat from our steps can cause a chain reaction. It presses on the snow, melts it a bit, but also leaves it more open to sunlight exposure and consequently the footprints melt further, like an expanding footprint.

How many times have you heard in your mind thoughts like “nothing I do will ever matter,” “no one notices me,” or even thoughts like “I can’t make a difference?” Perhaps like my walk in the snow, you’ll only see an average sized set of footprints at first, complete with an imprint to match the kind of shoes you wear. But have you ever gone back to see those footprints later on? They may have expanded three times or more in size, because you started a reaction of warmth.

Friends, there isn’t a soul on earth who doesn’t affect others, who doesn’t somehow make a similar chain reaction with their footsteps through this world. We each make an impression, just like in that snow, one of warmth and impact. And likewise, who are we to know how much it may expand and affect the area all around us?

Today I learned that I meant much more to a friend than I ever imagined. I’d never have thought my tiny footprints in his life would amount to much, but his words today really touched my heart, realizing I mattered more to him than I thought. My footprints had expanded far larger than what I started with.

The next time you think you don’t matter, that you couldn’t possibly make a difference in this world, think again. That thought could not be further from the truth. Everyone makes a difference, and that includes you.


By David Dolberg



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