Feeling Peace



It is not truly appreciated unless you have lived through much chaos and struggle.

Today, for the first time I can remember since being a child I felt at peace.

True, deep, complete peace.

The last few days I’ve completely rid my home and garage of all unwanted memories and possessions. Although my home feels a little bit empty it seems very symbolic of my life. The bad is gone and there is now a big space cleared out for something special when the time comes to fill that space. The things and people occupying it are all by my choice. They are loved and loving. They all bring me happiness and are filled with good times and great memories.

I am grateful every day for the new opportunities, friendships, family and freedom that I have in my life. Now, I am so elated to include into that list that I am eternally grateful to lay down, look up at the trees and the mountains, the clouds and the sky and feel peace again.

God is wonderful.


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