9 Rules for Dating and Commitment


Ever wonder what the “Rules for Dating and Commitment” for an adult man really are? What do women expect and want? These are 9 things that I have experienced in my dating life, and I have seen with others, that should be natural but for some reason are not as commonly practiced as they should be. Here you go…

1. Hold your girls hand when you are in public. Be proud that she is with you and grateful that she chose you. If you don’t want to show PDA, why, what are you hiding?

2. When there is ice or snow outside, or even just when you are walking together, always offer her your arm. Make sure she feels like you won’t let her fall. Being a gentleman will pay off.

3. Make her feel safe. Women want to feel like the man they are with will protect them.

4. ALWAYS open the door for her. I can’t tell you how many doors I’ve had to stand and wait at until the man I’m with realizes it and walks around to open my car door. Whether it’s a building, car or anywhere else, make sure you open the door for her.

5. Let the lady go first. Whether it’s entering a room, going up/down stairs or ordering at a restaurant…the old adage of Ladies first applies.

6. Ask her out on date! Yes, a real planned date! We are all grown up. When you are courting, or even when married, you don’t need to “hang out” like teenagers which is code for “make out”. Don’t get me wrong, making out is great, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that you do. A woman wants to feel cared about and wanted, not used. The date doesn’t have to cost a lot to mean a lot. Most women appreciate the planning and effort involved more than anything else.

7. When you are with her don’t talk about other women. She doesn’t want to hear how hot you find that cheerleader or the woman in the store. The biggest turn off there is for a woman is hearing you talk about or stare at another women.

8. This is a big one so you might want to sit down and prepare yourself..ready? If you choose to commit you need to be prepared (and follow through) with being committed to her only. That means your focus is on her and your eyes are closed to all other women. Don’t look around when you are out, whether she’s with you or not, to see what other attractive women might be in the room. This also includes “fictional women” in movies and magazines. Stop looking and be happy with the one that you chose, that also chose you. If you want to keep your eyes open and keep looking then don’t commit to someone; you aren’t ready and it’s not fair to her. She wants to be your one and only, so show her that she is! Trust me, you won’t be sorry. You’ll get more “extra lovin” from being faithful than all the others combined!

9. When in a relationship have a “phones up” policy. I got this one from my friend Matt and love the idea. If you are in a relationship then you shouldn’t be having conversations through text, Facebook, etc. that you need to hide. Thus, the phones up policy. That means that when you are together your phone is open and up, showing that you have nothing to hide when a call or message comes through. If your partner uses your phone you aren’t scared that they’ll see anything because, once again, you have nothing to hide. Be faithful! If you aren’t in a relationship but on a date then simply put the phone away and ignore it. Don’t respond to messages or take calls, unless it’s an emergency or your kids. When you are with her, be with her.

Men please feel free to comment on what you would like to see from women when dating/committing. Obviously the faithful ones go both ways. Also, act like a lady and let your date be a gentleman. If you have something to add please do! I love learning and we all need tips.


By “Kimi”



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